The DARE™ Strap is the best way to take the weight off any single shoulder strap application!

"Support your mail satchel over one or both shoulders with one quick the choice is yours.”

The patented DARE™ Strap makes for a much betterway to carry your heavy mail satchel load. Get that weight off of just one shoulder and move it to both shoulder evenly. We have even added a quick release in case of a dog attack.

The pictures below, taken by the USPS Ergonomic Risk Reduction
Process Pilot Program, show how the DARE™ strap distributes the mail satchel evenly about the torso.



As part of the USPS risk management initiative, the DARE™ Postal strap adds the following aspects:

• Improved mail carrier health and lower health care costs for the carrier and the USPS.

• Reduced workers compensation claims resulting from repetitive stress injuries and short/long term disability.

• The carrier’s overall wellness and peace of mind will improve knowing he or she can ergonomically support the mail satchel about the torso.

• City carrier’s #1 choice for comfort, diversity, and price.

• Weighs only 6 ounces, but can support up to 230 pounds. Each swivel hook is rated for 115 pounds. Carrier’s also prefer the plastic swivel hooks to metal because they aren’t as cold to the touch in cold weather and the cold weather doesn't weaken the plastic enough to make breakage an issue.

• Quick release snap allows easy removal of the strap to use the satchel in the event of a dog attack.

• 2 inch wide webbing and padding maximizes comfort to the carrier.

• Can be adjusted to put more or less weight on either shoulder if necessary.

• Support your mail satchel the old fashioned way (over one shoulder), or the ergonomic way (over both shoulders) with one quick adjustment.

• Recommended by Chiropractors.



U.S. Patent 6,581,812